Online Energy Directory Advertising

Surveys show that the average user will access the Online Energy Directory up to 6 times during the day, which could present your advertising message 1,500 times during one 12 month subscription.

Compared to the limited exposure offered by other media, Midwest Publishing Company's Online Energy Directory puts your ad in front of more customers, more often than any other information source.


Pinpoint Target Audiences - Your advertising message may be placed in the exact segment of the publication that your customers and prospects use.

Maximum Visibility - Your advertising message can't be missed as it appears side-by-side with the users search results.

Buyer's Guide -Customers and advertisers are listed in the Buyer's Guide search results for applicable services and products offered, increasing your company's exposure in our product.

Paid Circulation - Advertisers are assured that subscribers purchase Midwest Publishing Company's Online Energy Directory to use on a regular basis. Subscribers across the world utilize our tool every day as one of the most efficient information services available in the Energy Industry.

Rotate Ads - Your advertising message may be periodically changed to complement you overall media campaign.

Economic and Cost Effective - The Online Energy Directory provides more exposure per advertising dollar expended than any other medium

There are 3 basic ad types: Premium ads, Banner ads, and Margin ads.

Premium Ads
  1. Appear on opening page of product.
  2. Viewable at customer login or trial access.
  3. Title specific.
  4. Maximum of 4 ads rotated per title.
  5. Image dimensions 540x400.
  6. File size 160 Kb or less.
  7. Linked to Advertiser's Website.

Banner Ads
  1. Appear above search tabs, slightly obscuring MWP logo, but not company name or tagline.
  2. Viewable at customer login, trial access and search engine friendly pages.
  3. Close X at upper right corner to turn off ad.
  4. Disappears once new search is executed.
  5. Title and section specific.
  6. Maximum of 4 ads rotated per section.
  7. Image dimensions 742x186
  8. File size 100 Kb or less.
  9. Linked to Advertiser's Website.

Margin Ads
  1. Appear on right hand margin of search results pages.
  2. Title specific.
  3. Maximum of 8 ads per page.
  4. Rotated (bottom ad placed on top) with each search performed.
  5. Appear on every search results page.
  6. Image dimensions 271x162
  7. File size 30 Kb or less.
  8. Linked to Advertiser's Website.

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