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No more thumbing through endless pages looking for the exact information that you need. No more copying the exact combination of pages that you need. With the Online Energy Directory, find just the information that you need and construct your own "custom directory" that shows only the listings important to you. Multiple search criteria allow you to narrow your queries using an almost unlimited amount of combinations.

All directories and sections are searchable by:
• Company Name
• Geographic Location
• Employee Name

In addition, all Manufacturers, Suppliers, Engineers, Contractors, and Service Companies in every directory are searchable by the most extensive Buyer's Guide categories available in the industry. A keyword search is also available to further define your queries.

Each directory and directory section also contains specific information particular only to that industry or industry segment. That information will be reflected in the search criteria for that particular directory section:

Pipeline title

Pipeline Operators: Pipeline Type, Total Pipeline Length, Total Gas Capacity, Total Crude Capacity, Total Product Capacity

LNG and LPG Terminals: Terminal Type, Total Storage Capacity

Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities: Storage Type, Working Capacity, Withdrawal Capacity

Refining and Gas Processing title

Refining: Crude Charge Capacity, "Refineries Only" search

Gas Processing: Gas Capacity, Total Products

Petrochemical title

Petrochemical: Product Keyword Search

Liquid Terminals title

Terminals: Terminal Type, Total Storage Capacity, Product Keyword Search

Gas Utility title

Gas Utilities: Gas Utility Type, Total Customers, Total Gas Sold

Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities: Storage Type, Working Capacity, Withdrawal Capacity

Electric Utility title

Electric Utilities: Electric Utility Type, Total Customers, "Power Plants Only" search

Drilling & Well Servicing title

Drilling: Rig Location, Mobil Offshore Rig Type, Rotary Land Rigs Over/Under 15,000 ft., Offshore Platform Rigs, Inland Barge Rigs

Well Servicing: Rig Location, Land Rigs, Inland Barge Rigs, Offshore Platform Rigs, Coiled Tubing Rigs

Exploration & Production titles

Exploration & Production: Total Assets, Producing Basins, Production or Reserve Quantities

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