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The Online Energy Directory is a quick and simple web-based solution to access the complicated every-changing business world in today's Energy Industry. Our goal is to provide the subscriber with the most accurate and up-to-date company and contact information.

The Online Energy Directory provides

Monthly listing updates: To provide a "new" directory every month of your subscription.

Detailed search queries: Including keyword and company specialty searches.

Website and email hotlinks: For instant electronic access.

The Most extensive Buyer's Guide categories in the industry: Over 2,500 product and service categories for the Energy Industry.

Faster access speeds: Compared to other Internet and CD-based applications.

Comprehensive yet simple to use: Simple interface makes the program efficient and easy to reference.

Mapping: Links to Google Maps for physical addresses.

Detailed information: Precluded by standard print products.

Cross reference listings: To help you navigate through the world of corporate name changes, mergers, and acquisitions.

Company financial information: Including company type (public, private, partnership, etc.), exchange/stock symbol, annual revenue and number of employees.

Competitive Pricing: Priced about the same as our previous printed directories.

Data from the Online Energy Directory may not be exported or copy/pasted.

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