"Ron Moser and Midwest Publishing provide company descriptions as well as contact names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for companies that we wish to communicate with to offer our products and services. It is frequently quite difficult to make the initial contact in many companies without having a name of a key person. But Midwest Publishing always gives us at least one key name and often times many more names of key individuals with whom we can make contact within these companies. With the data provided by Midwest Publishing, we are able to make inroads in many companies that we would not otherwise be able to offer our services."

Reid P. McNally, Jr., P.E.
AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc.
Houston, TX
"Feedback on your Gas Utility Contacts Database: I am usually dubious of purchasing databases as my experience in the past has been unfavorable--very little information provided beyond standard SIC classification and only general company data presented; also very few contacts listed and if they were provided, they were usually dated. We have been using the MWP Gas Utility Directory for the past 12 months and have been delighted with both the quantity and especially the quality of information provided. It has helped us gain more business and continues to do so. Our primary contact (Sheri Hartshorne) has been extremely helpful and responsive."

Randy Hull
VP Business Development
Prometheus Energy
Houston, TX
"Apex Measurement has used the MWP-Online Energy Directory successfully for over 10+ years to identify players, companies and opportunities in the natural gas industry. As a tool, the directory provides assistance with not only decision makers nationally, but the international contacts are helpful in identifying channel partners, team players and other resources to help me with a project or quotation. As a training group, the Directory is good reference point to identify new players that need to be added to our database. I found their information to be timely and correct. As a tool, I recommend any sales or marketing person mining data for sales leads or opportunities should take a close look at their offering."

Ardis Bartle
APEX Measurement and Controls LLC
Houston, TX
"When I need a senior level contact in the energy and oil & gas markets, I turn to Midwest Publishing. 100% of the time I find the contact that I need because if I cannot find it, then the super helpful and responsive staff will do the research and provide me with the contact I need. We have used Midwest Publishing for 7 years now, and its a no-brainer for us to renew year after year. While there are other options out there for finding contacts, none has been as valuable to me as Midwest Publishing."

Dan Copeland
Business Developement & Marketing Director
Long International Inc
"My company purchased one database from MW Publishing. We found that not only was it a complete listing of all organizations but also had extensive contact names, titles and contact info (emails and phone #'s). Based on our experience and the low cost to purchase, we purchased two additional databases which proved to be equally as useful.
But it doesn't stop there. The support we have received from MW Publishing has been outstanding. I have made a dozen requests for customization and they have been handled promptly and effeciently! Behind every great sales organization is a great customer support organization.
I would highly recommend MW Publishing -A+ in my books!!"

Joanne MacGillivray
Inside Sales / Lead Generation
" My company has really got a lot of production out of your Texas Exploration and Production listings. We have a very succesful business model where we do a utility bill audit for oil and gas companies. Midwest Publishing's information has been invaluable in getting us in front of the decision makers to present our services. Having the business, phone, fax, and email info plus all the good background data has made our work so much easier. We have helped many of the enengy companies in Texas, Oklahom, and Kansas drastically lower their utility bills on their field usage. The way it is set up is easy to use, accurate, and complete. I would highly recomend it to anyone. We have already enrolled in the pipeline search engine. It too is quite good."

David Wilson
Utility Energy Consultant
Utility Rebate Consultants
"I used MWP's Liquid Terminal Directory to plan a first ever sales campaign in the state of Virginia. The contact information provided by MWP, combined with a mailing and phone call follow-up, allowed me to book 15 appointments to demonstratea a new load rack equipment product. That's about half the bottom-loading-equipped terminals in the state, on the first ever visit. We'll get into the other terminals the next time through. Thanks MWP for such a great sales tool."

Bill Armstrong
Sales Manager
Decker Petroleum Equipment
"I really like the Texas Exploration and Production. It is good to have the extra personal data about the oil companies: the email addresses, direct phone numbers, cell numbers, extensions, etc."

David Wilson
Utility Rebate Consultants
"Love the new interface! My compliments to your programming staff."

Carol Worster
Gas Technology Institute
"Of all the "list" companies we have used over the years, this tool from MWP is the best one I have interacted with. You also have the best customer support that I have encountered in my years. "

Jeff Stredney
Power Generation Applications
ControlSoft USA
"The Refining and Gas Processing Directory is a great place for our company to see the key players in this industry and be seen by those same contacts. The fact that the directory is updated regularily makes it a very current resource for this very important market."

Kevin Summ
Marketing Manager
Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.
"Great source of finding the players in any segment in the energy sector. Far superior in this segment to anything else."

Terry Fick
Sr. Managing Director
Corporate Finance Associates
"The MWP LDC's (Gas Utility - Local Distribution Companies) directory has proved invaluable to our sales and marketing efforts. It is by far the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and valuable gas databse we've used. This directory pays for itself many times over."

David Dodd, Sales & Marketing Director
Pipehorn Utility Tool Company
Birmingham, AL
"The Midwest program was exactly what we needed to find hard to locate plant numbers and has lots of good contact names. I was spending 20-40 minutes on Google (per facility) trying to find plant numbers, but this program is a great time saver. Well worth the money!"

Tom McGovern, Area Sales Mgr
High Purity
Tulsa, OK
"I have had a subscription to Midwest Publishing's US & Canada Exploration & Production Directory for the past year and recently added two more subscriptions to our sales and marketing department. This is the best tool we have found to locate oil companies in pre-selected cities, furnish us contact names and contact information, and in most cases a description or overview of their business. A key function of the directory is showing the headquarters of the company and then showing that company's branch or division offices and contacts. This program saves us an enormous amount of time compared to the old way of searching on the internet, reviewing yellow pages, contacting various oil associations, etc. The information is in one place, concise and accurate. Exactly what we need in prospecting for new customers and staying abreast with existing customers. And, it is updated monthly. Good job Midwest Publishing."

Jackie L. Thomas, V.P. Sales & Marketing

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