Listing Updates and Changes
In striving to become the AUTHORITY in the Energy Industry field, we discovered that a synergistic partnership with our customers in developing and maintaining industry information will assist us all in keeping pace with the continual changes to which we all must adapt and turn to our advantage.

Updates TO Subscribers

Midwest Publishing Company continually updates the Energy Industry information in our extensive database. On a monthly basis, we automatically upload these changes to the Online Energy Directory in order to make them available to our customers. A notification email we be sent to all active subscribers in order to inform them that listings have be updated. No action is required by the user to view these updates.

Updates FROM Subscribers

Midwest Publishing Company has designed into the Online Energy Directory the ability for customers to easily notify us via email of any discrepancies discovered in company listings. If any incorrect or incomplete information is found, please click the "Request Update" button at the top of each Company Detail window. Our website will use your onboard email browser to begin an email to us containing the company name of the listing and the unique ID number so that we can quickly determine the record to be corrected. Simply type the nature of the error or omission into the body of the email, click the Send button, and leave the updating to us. You will then be free to move onto the next contact opportunity, and we will research the information and forward the corrections or additions to you within two working days, in most cases.

Great care is taken to assure accuracy of listed information. In most cases, existing information was supplied by the company listed. When no response was received, some information was obtained from best available sources. MWP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and welcomes any notices from users.

Frequent Change

The Energy Industry changes drastically every day. Many company listings change 7 to 13 times a year, and in excess of 87% of all listings experience significant changes during any 12 month period. Midwest Publishing Company has designed this product to not only capture those changes in an effective and timely manner, but to distribute those changes to our customers on a consistent basis. This provides the most up-to-date information available at all times during the term of a subscription.


If you need to submit a first-time listing or make minor changes to your existing listing, please use the Listing Form. Standard listings are free. If extensive changes are required to an existing listing, please contact us.

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